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抗藍光和防窺螢幕保護片 > Privacy and Blue Light Cut film (2ways)
SVIEW Privacy Filter for Monitor & Laptop (Two Way) (Blue Light Cut) >23 inch
SVIEW 電腦熒幕防窺+防藍光保護片
  • Privacy protection using MicroLouver Technology 
  • Anti-glare coating makes screen prevent from glare, and reduce your eye strain 
  • cut the blue light from monitor 
  • Anti Scratch 3H hardness protect screen from scratching
  • 防窺技術採用 MicroLouver Technology 
  • 減低眩光對眼睛的損害
  • 有效阻隔電腦螢幕發放的藍光
  • 保護屏具防刮擦功能,有效保護屏幕,使電腦螢幕更耐用
Part no.: SVPBL->23
Price: HK$1,019
Discount Price: HK$930
Price: Call For Price


Application Size(mm)
S-View Privacy & Blue Light Cut Screen Protector for 24 inch wide LCD Monitor 520x326